Improve Clarity And Focus Of Your Digital Photos


Reshade imageUpsizing or upscaling a digital photo means zooming or printing it beyond the level of detail that's actually present in the photo. For example, you might have an image that's 2000 pixels wide, but you want to print it at a sufficiently large size that the paper can accommodate 3000 pixels. Those extra 1000 dots simply don't exist, so your printer or your graphics package has to guess at what they might be. And not every software product is particularly good at guessing.

Equally, you might want to print just a portion of a photo. Perhaps you want to zoom in on that cute dog in the back of the shot and remove all the other bystanders. So although the image is 2000 pixels wide, the section you want to use is only 300 wide. And unless you want the printed image to be the size of a postage stamp, some guessing is going to be required in order to add some additional pixels to the 300.

Reshade is a program that can help here. It's a free download from and the installer runs to around 43 MB. The file is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. Once installed, you can load an image into the program, select the area that you want to concentrate on, and then adjust various parameters to improve the sharpness of that section.

In the sample screen shot here, I've been working with an image of myself that was taken on a digital camera in 1997. As you might imagine, the resolution of cameras in those days was not particularly good, but the program seems to be making a remarkable effort of sharpening the image. I will then probably load it into a different program to start improving the colours.

My thanks to Rhiannon for telling me about Reshade. Give it a try and see what you think.

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Thanks rob and Rhiannon

Thanks, good Windows 10 x64 Pro. Maybe have to create shortcut but works on D drive. Check Advanced tab before starting first effort since default is to save at 90% of original. Saving 10% may matter but if not doing too many files why not keep full size especially if shot at PC size to begin with. Maybe if camera was using huge size setting, 90% on many files could keep down HD bloat but that's fairly rare these days.
Drop & drag for batching. Overall a nice tool free & clear of so much of the 'extras' piled on by many 'frees'.

Maybe one of G'Mic's eight sharpening filters can do this job. It has 300 filters and I haven't tried them all. Maybe you could do a review if you can find a category to put it in. There's a plugin for Gimp, a standalone program, and an online version.

I've been cycling pictures through an application that manipulates them as vector images and then saves as JPG or PNG; i'll look at this one.

Thanks Rob, this looks like a superb find
Image magnification is the key feature I value
There are a lot of existing applications that can sharpen and adjust contrast

The title of this article is misleading, it doesnt indicate the key function of the application - image magnification

The homepage describes Reshade as 100% free, with no expiry date nor restrictions:
"Reshade is 100% free for everyone to use for personal or commercial purposes, with no expiry date and no pixel size limitation – within available memory."

I am hoping that contradicting message provided after installation, in the "About" section, is not relevant...

"This is an evaluation version of Reshade. To enjoy the full functionality you need to register
Please enter your licence information below:
Your name (optional): Licence code (16 characters)
Reshade 3.0 Evaluation
Release date: Sep 6 2012
This is an unregistered copy.
'Reshade Image Enlarger' is the property of Reshade Ltd and is copyrighted.

Once again, Reshade is a great freeware find, particularly if the software developer has allows an unrestricted freeware version as stated on the current homepage

I don't see your screenshot?

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Thanks Rob (and Rhiannon).
Seems to be a good program for our tool box (most of it following your advises). I´ve downloaded it, but not installed yet.

Thanks rob and Rhiannon .....
another nice little toy to add to my collection !