I'm Impressed With This Open-Source Organizer/Mindmap Tool


I recently wrote about a number of online services that offer a "virtual corkboard" application as an information manager and outliner.  I mentioned at the time that I had been unable to find such a program which runs natively under Windows.  A kind-hearted reader suggested in a comment to my story that I should check out a program called VUE, so I decided to do just that.

VUE is the Visual Understanding Environment.  It's a Windows program that's a cross between a virtual corkboard, an outliner and a flowcharting tool, as you can see from the screen shot below.  As a way to organize your thoughts, in the same way that you might do by shuffling pieces of paper around on your desk, I'd definitely recommend that you check it out.

You can download VUE from http://vue.tufts.edu.  It's free, and open source, and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.  There's also a 50-minute webinar at http://vue.tufts.edu/screencast/VUE-webinar-20090511.html, which you can watch if you really want to see just how powerful the program is.



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