If You Can Play Solitaire, You Can Master This Organizer!


I've featured many personal information organizer applications as Hot Finds over the past couple of years.  But despite it being recommended by a number of people, I've never taken a close look at Trello until now.

Trello lets you organize your information into lists, which are displayed vertically down the screen.  Each list can have a number of cards.  You can change the order of lists just by dragging them, and you use a similar technique to move cards around (within a list, or between lists).  You can include images, hyperlinks, and just about anything else.

A separate list, automatically generated, shows all recent activity (eg, Robert added a card called "Remember to buy paper").  This is especially important because your Trello workspace needn't just be a private affair for your own personal use.  You can also invite other people to contribute, which makes it brilliant if you want to share an organisational task with more than 1 person.

Trello is free to use, and is an online service that requires nothing more than an internet browser.  Sign up at https://www.trello.com to find out more.




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Playing arround with it, it does not appear to be that good. I might just stay with google calendar
Looks a nice find, I see it as a better stickie that can work on multi computers, android and iphone. Also if you read this it has a daily update to google calendar. Which means it has just about all that many of us have been requesting. Anyone tried it?