Apple's default ebook reader for Mac OS X and available for the iPad and iPhone


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A default reader by Apple, user-friendly and lovely interface, allows buying of books directly within the app.

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iBooks is the default reader by Apple. It's a beautiful app that is very user-friendly. You can buy books directly from within the application. The interface is a modern bookshelf where your books are neatly lined up.

Right up top is the Store button. When you press the button, the whole bookshelf flips and brings you to Apple's BookStore. When you open a book, there are several buttons on the upper left of each page. In the page layout you can control how bright or dim the page is; whether you want big or small letters; and choose between seven fonts. You can also choose a Theme. There is Normal, Sepia, and Night. Normal is the regular white page with black letters. Sepia is a little easier on the eyes, with a cream page and sepia (brown) letters. The last choice, Night, turns the page black with white letters. This is awesome to use at night because is greatly reduces the light shining in your eyes from the screen, but it's also cool to use in the daytime. You can also choose between Full Screen and Regular.

There is a magnifying glass where you can search the book for a certain page or a word/phrase. And finally there is a bookmark symbol to mark the page where you left off. When you close the book and then reopen it, it automatically opens to the bookmarked page, which is very handy.

iBooks is especially nice because it shows the actual page turning when you swipe your finger, giving you the illusion of a real book. However, iBooks only supports ePub, PDF, and books created in iBooks Author, which is iBooks and published as .iba.

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