I Love this Free Desktop Extender


Have you ever stared in envy at people who have multiple monitors on their desktop PC, and wished you had enough money (and desk space!) to allow such a setup?  If you like the idea of multiple monitors but you don't have the space or money to implement it for real, then take a look at this great desktop extender application for Windows.

The program is called GiMeSpace (give me space!), and you can download it from various sites including:


It runs under Windows XP and above, and is completely free. The download is around 500 KB.

In use, the program is pretty simple.  Sadly, it won't actually give you any more screens, or make your desk larger, but it's still pretty handy.  Once the software is installed, moving your mouse to the right or left hand side of the screen causes the desktop to scroll sideways, revealing more space to open new windows.  And that's about it!  Very simple, and surprisingly useful.  It means, for example, that you can have lots of programs open in full-screen mode, and just scroll sideways to access them.  It's almost like having multiple side-by-side monitors.  

If you need to turn off the scrolling feature temporarily, just press the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard.  Or to close the program entirely, right-click the GiMeSpace icon in the taskbar and choose Exit.  


Thanks to user LauraBrags for telling me about this great utility.  If there's a Hot Find you want to share, please let me know via http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/submit-product-review.htm.



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