A binary editor with a great interface handles huge files without slowing down


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Multiple languages; built in RAM and disk editor, loads only part of file to memory and has a low memory footprint, files are opened instantaneously irrespective of their size, added capability to generate checksums and compare files using them. Hex and Octal modes, features to concatenate, split and shred files.
Changes to file are immediately saved to disk. Therefore, backup your files when editing.

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For my needs, HxD is a clear winner.

Its first virtue is that it doesn't need installing. Second, it has a great interface. Third, it handles huge files without slowing down.

Then add in unlimited undo, great searching and search/replace capabilities, binary file comparison, full support for ANSI, DOS/IBM-ASCII and EBCDIC character plus a dozen other features and you can see why I like it.

But it doesn't stop there. Hxd also works as a RAW disk editor and a full read/write RAM editor. This power also makes it a dangerous tool in the hands of beginners. It may also give your security software an apoplexy, but users skilled enough to use this product will understand that this is not a concern.

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Many of the features mentioned in this review do not stay free for long. Once the trial period expires, you must upgrade to the pro version. One example is the file compare function.

I'm confused.
I have been using the installed English version of HxD since 2010 v1.7.7.0
It's the same version that is available now.
I have compared what I downloaded then and what is available now and they are identical.

All the file features still work fine, including the compare feature.
I see no mention of a trial or Pro version on the site.

Also (from the review), I have never had any problem over-writing a file.
After I complete any changes it asks if I want to save them.
If I say no, original file is unchanged.
But I always backup prior to changes just in case.

I tried the portable version today and it works the same.

I have never needed the Disk Editor or RAM Editor, so I cannot comment on them.

This is a great little program. I don't use it a lot,
but when you need something fast & easy, nothing else will do.
Just use VERY carefully.