An excellent system profiler provides in-depth hardware information for Windows.


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Pros & Cons:

In depth hardware information, real time system monitoring, can be extended using 3rd party add-on's, frequent updates.
Report generation produces blank details for items deselected.

Our Review:

HWiNFO is an excellent system profiler that provides in-depth hardware information for Windows and the new top pick in the category. The program is portable and frequently updated and can be used by beginners and power users alike. HWiNFO greets you with 2 windows on startup: A nifty System Summary window that immediately makes available the most important details regarding our system and a Detailed Information window for pretty much every single piece of hardware bundled in the system. All components are organized in a tree view that provides easy to read reports for every item. The interface is extremely customizable providing variety of options.

HWiNFO has real time system monitoring that allows you to see a live view of various system sensors and accurately monitors each system component for status and failure predictions as well as system logging facilities. The program is always up-to date supporting various latest technologies and standards. The software can also be extended using various 3rd party add-on's like RainMeter plug-in, LCDHost plug-in etc. HWiNFO also provides benchmark tests in it's feature set.

The information retrieved is presented in a logical and easy to understand form, which can then be saved in multiple formats like Text, HTML, XML, MHTML etc. HWiNFO is also available as SDK suitable for further integration. The application analyzes your system and provide detailed information about every hardware installed and present on your PC.

HWiNFO was reviewed by on based on version 4.26.