Hundreds Of Fun Maths Puzzles And Games


Maths puzzle imageThe idea behind the Transum web site seems to be that learning maths should be fun and enjoyable as well as productive. So there are loads of games, puzzles, quizzes, timed exercises and so on, all with a mathematical theme that will appeal to children and adults alike. There are games such as the traditional sliding tile puzzle as well as Pentominoes (think Tetris but without gravity). And there are against-the-click tests of your knowledge of multiplication tables, which is much more fun that it sounds.

Young or not-so-young, you'll enjoy this site. There's no software to download, either - just head to in your browser and start having some educational fun.



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Nice find Rob, thank you. Martin Gardner's work was where I first discovered fun with math.

Let's make cross-eyed lemonade!

Haha! Good luck with the lemonade. I'd probably make some myself if I enjoyed the math challenge of changing American standard measurements into the Imperial system.

:) Let me help you get started:
1 x Queen's Guard hat + 1 x bobby's hat = 1 Texas 10-gallon hat;
1 x US reality TV contestant = 1 x football hooligan;
2 x Republican front-runners = Monster Raving Loony party.

You gettin' the hang of it yet?

I can't recommend this site. It started off with an interesting and educational game. As I progressed I was forced into a succession of commercial sites flogging various maths games. I couldn't be bothered investigating further.

No one is forced anywhere when using this site. In less time than it took you to post the negative comment, you could have seen the same content as anyone else.

"Most of the software on this site is offered free and it is hoped that learners of Mathematics around the world will enjoy and benefit from this resource. This site is designed for teachers and upper Secondary/High school pupils. - See more at:"

"On some pages we use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website."

There is of course more information that takes just a moment to read. Ad blockers are free also.
MC - Site Manager.

I've never enjoyed math puzzles, but taking a look at the site I see lots of things I'd like to try. Having fun doing math seems like a great idea, and will certainly keep the "little grey cells" busy! Thanks, Rob!!

Thanks Rob for posting this. My family, including 90 year-old mum love maths puzzles! Boo to crosseyedlemon!

When it comes to having fun, math puzzles rank just behind root canal surgery in my opinion. Thanks but no thanks.