Hundreds of Free, Portable Apps on a USB Key


If you're like me, you probably carry a USB pen drive around with you, just in case you need to copy a file or 2 from someone else's PC.  You might even go as far as keeping a couple of important apps or documents on that stick, just in case.

But imagine having hundreds of ready-installed applications on that drive, ready to access from whatever machine you plug it into.  Never again will you borrow a friend's PC, or use a public computer, and not have access to an installed program that allows you to do what you need to do.

If this appeals, then what you need is a Pen Suite.  This describes a collection of portable applications, ready for you to download and install to a USB pen drive.  Then just plug it into any PC, fire up the built-in menu, and choose from all those wonderful utilities, games, diagnostic tools and so on.

If the thought of such a facility appeals to you, here are 3 pen suites that you might want to look at.  They're all completely free of charge, and run under Windows XP and above.

First is Liberkey (  The current version, 4.9, is available in 3 versions.  The Ultimate version contains 168 applications and is a 215 MB download.  It requires around 600 MB of installed space, so will easily fit on a 1 GB stick.



Second is WinInizio Pensuite (  Again, the top-of-the-range version fits on a 1 GB stick.  You'll find a comparison table of the contents of each version at

Finally, Lupo Pensuite (  Once more, a 1 GB stick should be plenty to hold all of the 180 programs in the full version.

Although the contents of each suite differs, you can get a good idea as to the general make-up of each suite by checking out the categorised listed of Liberkey Ultimate at



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