Hundreds Of Free Music Tracks For Your Projects


Free music tracksIf you need a stock photograph for a project such as a web page or leaflet, there are plenty of places online where you can get them. But what about music? What if you need some background sound for a corporate video, an online slide show, a YouTube unboxing video, or similar?

Although there are some sites offering free audio, many of them are of poor quality. So here's a good one that's worth knowing about, and it won't cost you a penny (so long as you give the composer a credit).

Head to to start browsing. There's all sorts of tracks, from hard electronic beats to more relaxed stuff in the style of classics and film scores. You can download it all in MP3 format, and also listen online to see which ones you like. If you then want to use one or more of the pieces, and you're able to include a credit to the composer, then it qualifies under a Creative Commons licence and is completely free. Full details are on the site.

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