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Rich and resourceful, easy to understand, cover many topics and updated everyday.
No support for offline reading.

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HowStuffWorks is a rich and resourceful app for you to find out how things work in the world.

It covers as many topics and articles as possible categorized into adventure, animals, auto, culture, entertainment, health, home & garden, lifestyle, money, quiz, science, tech and videos, easily accessible from the slide-out menu.

Besides featuring the latest stuff and articles that are updated everyday, the app includes a search magnifier so that you can enter a keyword to find a topic of your interest or an answer to your question in mind.

The video and audio podcast section in this decent app is also full of interesting subjects that are more than enough for you to explore. This covers stuff you should know, stuff you missed in history class, stuff mom never told you, stuff to blow your mind, brain stuff, car stuff, stuff they don't want you to know, tech stuff, stuff of genius and other shows.

At any time that you find an article of interest but can't finish it in time, just add it to the reading list within the app and you can easily come back to continue. It requires a reload of the page as it does not seem to support offline reading, a useful feature that should be made available to users.

Other than the app, you can also access its website to browse lots of stuff that work very similarly to the app.


How Stuff Works in the World?

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