How to Take Screenshots on Any Device (PC, Mac and Mobile Devices)


Screenshot of mountain taken with Windows Snipping ToolLearn how to grab screenshots in any device - Windows, OS X, iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, and Linux in this helpful article.
A screenshot is capturing an image of whatever is on the screen of whatever device you're using. With so many of us having more than one device, knowing how to take a screenshot using your particular device or operating system is useful and convenient.

I most often grab screenshots using whatever browser I'm in at the moment - there are many add-ons/extensions you can use, the ones I've used and like are Nimbus (my current favorite, works with Firefox, Chrome, Android, PC), Fireshot (works in Firefox, Chrome, Opera or IE), and Lightshot (Mac, Windows, browser add-on and online app). If you use want to use one of these options in Opera and it isn't supported, check out our How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera article.

Complete Guide to Taking Screenshots On PC, Mac and Mobile Devices

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Windows Inkspace

Inkspace is associated with Wacom...

For PC usage only:

That's all cool and nice but what about a screen shot when the browser is not open?

I realize most screen shots I want or need to have do happen when I am NOT in a web browser.

Like the odd message that doesn't even allow to copy/paste it's darned contents for further examination?
Microsoft you hear me?

For the life of me I can't live with a screen shot utility that requires the browser to be open; preposterous.

AND: I believe that the worlds of a PC and (for example) an Android phone have so vastly different usage paradigms that I always will prefer tools that are specific to the environment they are meant for.

I NEED to have a tool that allows me to mark the part of the screen I want captured, like a small error or message window or only exactly the part of any window I need or want.

I don't need suggestions here, I have that tool - and I know about Windows' sort of clumsy basic method as well. But my choice is an older version (4.7) of Gadwin PrintScreen. This old version is really easy to use and just about flexible enough for my plain and simple mind; the newer versions are too clever and have, for me at least, too many bells and whistles.

When you say "Windows' sort of clumsy basic method...", are you referring to the Snipping Tool? In Win10, it has matured a bit and allows delayed screenshots.

No, my "production" system is still on Windows 7 - and I am on the fence about ever upgrading this specific box. She just works so well and just as I like it...

Three of our other four boxes are on Win 10 already; my wife's I don't know about because she runs a very special and very old piece of software based on a dBase compatible system.

Maybe I should try the Snipping Tool - if it does it's thing without requiring a "Microsoft account"; that is a non-negotiable condition for me.

The Snipping Tool is integrated into these versions of Windows 7: Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows 7 - not unlike Notepad, Paint, Calculator, Media Player and so on - a built in utility, if you will. No accounts or registration required, just run the program to use it. I use the Snipping Tool on a regular basis, it has basic features and it's quick and easy to use.

You may find these two links to be helpful:

Snipping Tool: frequently asked questions - Windows 7

Where can I find the Windows 7 Snipping tool?

I agree with and understand your point about needing something when a browser window isn't open. I haven't tried Gadwin PrintScreen, I'm glad to hear it works for you.

For anyone else, both Nimbus and Lightshot are also downloadable PC programs that don't need a browser to run. Lightshot in particular is basic and easy to use.

These two site articles might be useful: Best Free Screen Capture Tool and The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used | Gizmo's Freeware (Reviews ShareX).

I used for years Duck Capture. So versatile.

Tried DuckLink. Their own server is down, download only from third party.
No Help functionality since heir database isn't available.
Appears to be about 5 years without development.

Their site download link isn't working for me either.

Curious. Their site download link is working for me.

Quite curious. I've tried to download files using 4 different browsers, two with no add-ons or extensions. This is the link: I get this error in all browsers: "Error establishing a database connection"

Use Firefox 64 bits

I get the same error with Chromium & Firefox - Voyager Linux x64. MC - Site Manager.
Neither the developer's download work for me. I've now updated the link on the software details page to a third party's website hosting the download.

The link is working for me.

No, that's not working.

Not for me. :) MC - Site Manager.

Anyway i love this utility. No need to be developed any more. Simple to use : a gem.

I think most operating systems include a basic capture tool. As far as image editors go IRFANVIEW (celebrating it's 20th birthday this month) has always been in a class by itself. Over a million downloads each month since 2003 and no signs of slowing down :)