How to Stop Windows 7/8.1 from Nagging You to Upgrade to Windows 10


One of the updates that Microsoft installed on Windows 7/8.1 systems installs something called GWX that resides in the tray and periodically pops up to suggest that you upgrade to Windows 10. A previous tip discussed a way to temporarily disable this notification. The procedure isn’t that complicated but it does involve several steps and some PC users would prefer a little utility to do the job. If you are one of the many people who find the pop-up to be annoying and want a little program to disable it, you can try a new utility called GWX Stopper.

GWX Stopper is from Josh Mayfield, who gives a nice description of what his little program does and how to use it at his blog. The program is a single 4.2 MB executable  and is portable with no need for installation. VirusTotal gives it a clean bill of health. The download link is here. There is a simple interface (example shown below) where you can toggle the nag screen notifications off or back on. Very easy to use and ideal for those who are irritated by pop-up windows.

GWX Stopper

Update 14 October, 2015 - GWX Stopper has been updated and is now called "GWX Control Panel". The download link is here. There is a video at YouTube explaining how to use the utility.

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@Vic Laurie:


The program is now in version 1.2 and has a new option: Disable/Enable Operating System Upgrades in Windows Update.

I have used it on on three machines so far and it works perfectly.

It bothers me that he never actually explains exactly how his gwx stopper does what it does... Does gwx listen to certain registry values that gwx stopper sets? Does gwx stopper just repeatedly kill the process? Does it just hide the icon and popup from the ui using window display settings? "It stops gwx" is not an explanation of how it works.


Just do a registry compare before/after and you will know.
All it does is pack published and working registry tweaks in a simple, nice GUI.

Microsoft seems to have created a whole new industry of people writing about and designing ways to undo their work. It's almost comical now. Maybe the real goal of Microsoft is to be hated more than the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler.....and yes I'm a Bears fan.

@crosseyedlemon LOL. Literally.

Once again Vic: nice find!