How To Stop People Tagging You In Twitter Photos


Twitter introduced a collection of new photo-related features last week, one of which allows users to tag people in photos.  Which means that you can tag your photos to include the names of the people who appear in them.  Or, if you wanted to, tag your photos with the name of any Twitter users you wished.  Which, as the spammers will no doubt soon discover, is a great way to attract people to your site, even if only because they're curious to see who tagged them.

Annoyingly, Twitter has decided to enable the tagging feature by default for all users.  So anyone who wants to tag you in one of their photos can do so.  Thankfully, though, there's an easy way to turn this feature off, to prevent people from being able to tag you.

If you use Twitter, you'd be wise to head to where you'll find detailed instructions on how to prevent people adding your name to their photos.


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Facebook and Twitter is quickly making certain that this person (me) quits using it entirely.

And that's a shame because it affords a way for friends to keep in touch. Not college kids for Saturday night like FB was designed for , but old people who wonder what happened to their high school friends and relatives.

Go ahead Facebook and Twitter, ruin it. You will be the loser.

Best way to avoid getting tagged in Twitter pictures: Don't be a Twit.