How to Stop Facebook from Tracking You (mostly)



Facebook collects a lot of information about users. This article delves into the ways you can limit the information Facebook collects about you and gives extensive links that you can use to view and change settings.

Facebook is in the business of collecting personal information about people who use it (and people who don’t).
Facebook also extends the same data collection to the other services it owns: Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus.

The article covers several ways to reduce how much data Facebook collects:
Check your information page: delete search history and check everywhere you’re logged in.
Start deleting: check your information page, delete search history and check everywhere you’re logged in.
Check your contacts and face recognition: stop continuous contact uploading and check the status of face recognition.
Turn off location tracking: primarily used in phones and tablets, the Facebook app can tell where you are (roughly) even if location tracking is turned off.
Limit Facebook's ad techniques: the ads preferences section gives you the largest overview of what Facebook knows about you and the brands you’ve had dealings with.
Control what happens off Facebook: check what information any third party apps, websites or services you use are sending to Facebook and check where you’ve used Facebook to log in, clear your Facebook activity.
Download data and delete Facebook: how to download your data and how to delete a Facebook account.

Facebook gathers information about your activity from other websites in three ways. The Facebook Pixel, the Share button and the Like button.

One way to prevent the collection of information is to use a browser add-on called Social Disconnect Plus. It works by removing all tracking components related to social networking websites from a web page.
It’s available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera: Social Disconnect Plus
Some other extensions block these trackers as well (uBlock Origin blocks them), but if you'd rather have a lightweight stand alone extension that speeds up your browsing a bit and blocks social media tracking elements on websites it's a good option.

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Thanks again for all the work you do, much appreciated. While of course not a social media user, Social Disconnect sounds possibly useful in removing tags &c. Couple of questions.

1. What is known about Social Disconnect: who owns, why freeware, &c. ?
2. Are there any indications that Social Disconnect logs internet or its own usage - it would be a nifty way to collect data without bothering to lure people in - or for that matter does anything to one's computer ?

-and any other "security" questions I have forgotten to ask !

Thanks again.

It's a browser add-on that supports the browsers mentioned in the article. It works with other Chrome and Firefox based browsers. It uses the standard permissions for most browser extensions. It's been in the Firefox add-on page since 2017, if there were issues they would surface at the Chrome Web Store and the Firefox Add-on site. It's an open source project.

It's not in the Play Store for UK users

It's not a mobile app. It's a browser extension.

Just don't use FB and any of its services.