How To Specify The Start Position In A Youtube URL


Have you ever copied a Youtube URL, pasted it into an email message or twitter comment, and sent it to someone?  If so, have you also found yourself explaining to the recipient that they'll need to skip forward to 2 minutes and 10 seconds for the good bit to start?  If so, here's a really handy tip which needs no extra software and which works with all browsers.

Once you've copied the Youtube URL for the video you want, just add the required start time on the end, using the special format.  For 2 minutes and 10 seconds you'd add #t=2m10s as shown in the screen shot below.  If you don't specify m and s separately, Youtube defaults to seconds.  So in the example here, #t=130 would achieve the same effect.

To illustrate, shows one particularly cute puppy within a compilation video.



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But youtube automatically provides you with the link. Just click Share and tick the box below, indicating the starting time. The link changes for you, ready to copy!


Great information! I can think of lots of reasons it's great, but the best is, when I post something for a friend, I no longer have to waste their time. I am sure many will appreciate it. I know I would.
Thank you,Rod.schifreen, for posting it!