How To: Sorting and Finding Emails in Your Gmail Account


Gmail logoIf you use Gmail in a web browser then you've probably noticed the options for sorting your email or finding a particular email are quite different from email programs. This article tells you how to find just about anything in Gmail  - extremely useful if you're a Gmail fan.

The article lists a large variety of search operators you can use to find anything in your Gmail account. For example, you can search for unread email, emails from certain people, or email containing certain subjects or words. You can find email from people in your Google+ circles, by date, by message ID header, chat messages, and if you use labels or stars in Gmail you can search for those too.
If you'd rather view your Gmail in an email program, directions on how to set up Gmail in an email program can be found here. If you're having problems sending or receiving emails in your email program, check the settings there, you might have something configured incorrectly. Last, you can find many answers to common issues at the Gmail Help Center.

How to Sort or Find Emails Using Gmail or Google Apps

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The article is nice. But is really about searching and filtering. Is not about sorting. This feature is still missing from gmail.

If I can order emails by date, sender, read, unread etc. then that's what I consider sorting. I think we have different definitions. :)

What none of this offers is sorting alphabetically which I still miss after many years of switching from Yahoo.

That's one of the reasons I prefer to read Gmail in an email client. :)

Thanks for that tip!

You're welcome! I'm glad you like it. Check out the additional tip from toktok here in the comments - very useful. :)

That's a outstanding tip, thanks for passing it along. :)

Thank you for that.
I think it should be mentioned that many of the search operations can be done from the dropdown box "Show settings for search" (click arrow to the right of the search field in Gmail) - this is probably easier for the non-tech people.
It includes types of mails (dropdown list), fields for
From, To,
Contains words:..., Does not contain words:....,
Has attachments,
Does not have chats,
Is greater (smaller) than ... (Mb, Kb, B),
Date: go back 1 day ... (various options up to 1 year), or From date (a calendar popup window is supplied).

You can input in several fields at once, and even create a filter using your criteria.

See also e.g.