How To Remove Google+ From Your Gmail Account


When Google launched its social network, Google+, it hoped that it would prove a popular competitor to the likes of established names such as Facebook and Twitter.  Unfortunately for Google, though, things didn't quite work out like that.  While Google's search engine and Gmail continue to be hugely useful, comparatively few people use Google+.

Which can be particularly irritating if, as someone who uses Gmail, you are annoyed by the Google+ links, buttons etc that have started to clutter your account in the past year or 2.

If you want to remove Google+ from your Gmail account, this is actually relatively straightforward.  Once you're signed into Gmail, just go to and you'll be given the option to remove what's known as your Google Profile.  Before you press the button to confirm, it's worth reading the page of information that appears.  If you're a heavy user of Youtube, for example, it will affect the availability of your videos and channels, so check out the details of how to prevent this.  

As for your Gmail account, though, this will remain intact.  Only your Google Profile, which is basically the information that you share with others via your Google account, will be deleted. You'll end up with a Gmail screen that looks like it always used to, with no Google+ clutter.

Note:  Make sure you only ever delete your Google Profile, rather than your Google Account.  If you do the latter, all of your access to Google services, including Gmail, will be permanently lost.




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The whole social networking is ruining this society. I joined, ignorantly, I later found out, that this is just another awful spike in f2f human contact. I followed these directions and it asks me if I want to upgrade, not downgrade. I don't do fb, follow me, titters or any of that awful damnation of society and anonymity. Pls. give decent and proper steps to remove this abomination from my google account. Tnank you.

Thanks for the article. I dislike Google+ and having to see Google's ads for it every time I use one of their services.

Unfortunately, Google+ is necessary if one wants to comment on a YouTube video. I don't care much about that, but I want to be able to "Like" videos and maintain a channel and playlists. I'm not sure if I need Google+ to do so. Google wants to promote Google+, so they don't make it easy to determine this.

So I second (third?) the call for a list of Google services and functionality that require Google+. Since this is bound to change, a date should be provided in the body of the article, with a friendly reminder to the reader that nothing is permanent on the Web.

I'm confused. I followed the link to, but ended up here, with no apparent links to do what you describe. :-( Oh well. Thanks anyway.

This means that you don't have G+. So you don't need to worry.

I can confirm that you must have a Google+ account to:

1. Comment on a YouTube video.
2. Add a YouTube video to your favorites list.

Also...I was out of Google+ for awhile and then got back in. I still can't comment on a YouTube video, I think because I have Java turned off unless I approve it, instance by instance or by approving the site.

It would be a great idea to provide readers with a list of what functionality will stop working if we get out of Google+.

I have every setting for privacy and circles locked down because I do not and will never use Google+ as a social service.

As for ads, there are numerous add-ons (at least in Firefox) that make it possible for me to never see a Google ad in my email. Yay. At the moment I'm using AdBlocker for Gmail and AdBlockPlus. The latter slaps down all ads on web pages.

And while it'd be nice to be able to comment in YouTube, I can live without it.

Thanks for comment #2. I don't care much about commenting on YouTube videos, but I want to be able to maintain playlists.

Boy! do I appreciate this post. Having (carelessly) never read the "fine print" detailing what was/was not involved in deleting my Google Profile, I mistakenly ASSumed it would also delete my Google Account.

Thanks, Rob, for making me read!

It's too bad it isn't catching on.
G+ is like Facebook for adults.

Hey Rob, thanks for posting this.

I read somewhere that if you want to comment on a YouTube video, you need Google+, can anyone confirm this?
Is there a list of Google services/functionality that requires Google+ ?

Rob, do you think it would be a good idea to provide readers with a list of what functionality will stop working for the people if they downgrade? Otherwise, once they downgrade, they'll soon realise things don't work anymore. Sorry I don't have the answer, but maybe someone else does?