How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One PDF Document for Free


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The free Windows utility quickly combines a large amount of PDF files into one large PDF document while retaining bookmarks and pagination.

There are several online sites that will merge PDF files into one PDF document but they are usually limited to a small amount of documents. This small utility will merge a large amount of PDF files into a single large PDF document in a short time. When you combine PDF files the program will import bookmarks from the merged documents, populate the title fields and can add page numbering and annotation with a footer. Projects can be saved and merged repeatedly and it can be run from the command line.

The interface is easy to use, add PDF files by dragging and dropping or through the add files button and press the Merge/Split button. Directions for other functions are in the Help file.

I merged 40+ PDF files into one large PDF document successfully. I ended up adding files in small batches because now and then a PDF file would show one of two error messages. One was "Pdfreader not opened with owner password On Line". The other read "Header checksum illegal On Line".

It quickly merged all the PDF's I added that had a variety of content; ebooks, templates, maps, user guides, plans for wood projects, medical journal articles, troubleshooting guides and more. The merged files were all intact and in order in one large PDF file. If you have more than the handful of PDF files to merge than online services allow you might give this small program a try.

The portable version and the installable versions of the program are clean according to VirusTotal. The program runs on Windows 8 and 10, and likely runs on Windows 7 since it was created in 2008. Download the latest version here:

PDF Split and Merge with Bookmark Import

(h/t TheWindowsClub)

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Thanks. This is fantastic. Very user friendly. Merged two Genealogy pdf's. It even made bookmarks.

That's great, I'm glad it's working well for you.

Split function is operational as explained in Help and in Readme.pdf. Enter desired subset of pages in the "Pages" column.

Thank you. :)

I missed it when I read the PDF. I got to the license section and didn't see it. I've amended the article.

Hi Rhiannon

You should have a look at PDFSAM Basic ( ), which does have a split function along with merge, rotate, alternate mix, extract, split by bookmarks and split by size functions. I have used this program for years now and am very impressed with it.

That looks like a great program, I'll check it out, thanks. :)

Wonderful find Rhiannon.
I much prefer standalone utilities to online services.
Windows freeware can be used indefinitely.
Online services can be taken offline without warning, and have no guarantees that your documents are treated with privacy

All computer users have files and documents and PDFs and images that need editing and adjustments and management.
Utilities like this one are really invaluable.

Thanks again for a very useful find

I'm glad you like it. I like standalone utilities as well. :)