How To Make Your Programs Open Maximized


If you like program windows to open large this tip tells you how.

Most Windows programs open in a normal window, which fills part of the screen.
You can also have them open maximized, where they fit the screen but leave taskbars etc. visible.
Sure, you can use one of the buttons in the upper right corner to make windows smaller and larger, but if you'd rather have some (or all) of your programs open large all the time this is a fast and easy tip.

In addition to the tip outlined in the article, you can also right click any program icon on your desktop, click "properties", change it to the size you want, click "Apply" and then "Ok".

Changing windows properties in Windows 7 taskbar items takes an extra step - right click on the program icon (or running program title), then right click one more time on the name of the program. That will open a list where you can choose Properties.
After that it's the same process as in other Windows operating systems.

Configure Applications to Maximize when Opened


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drag the window full size (DON'T MAXIMIZE) then close while holding "Alt" key down

Thanks for this tip/trick, it worked great!

I'm delighted you found it to be useful!

@paul2607, I hadn't heard of that one. :)

there is more to the story though. when I rt clk and ask to open in a new window??? I want ALL windows (iexplorer) to open in maximized window. there used to be a utility that is now obsolete that maximized or opened to preset size. thanks

I hope I will get help when things are not right with my windows 7 64 bit.All I want my pages to open maximised instead of haf or smaller.