How To Make Text Bigger In Your Browser


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Need to change the text size on a website to make it easy to read? Here's how to change the size of the text in all popular browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Not all websites have text that is easy to read, whether it's the combination of text color and background, the size of a font, or another page element. This article outlines how to increase the font size in all popular browsers.

Changes to the size of the text in a browser can be temporary or permanent.
Temporary changes use the keyboard to zoom in and zoom out. This changes the size of the text, but it also makes everything else on the page bigger or smaller. Permanent changes are made via the settings in the browser and change only the size of the text on a website.

The steps aren't the same in all browsers. Firefox can set the minimum font size from 9 to 72. Microsoft Edge uses percentages (100%,125%, 150%, 175%) to change the font size. Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer use Very Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Very Large options to change the size of text. All the steps can be found here:

How do I make the text bigger in Chrome and other browsers (Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer)

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Thank you! Found a couple of tips I will be using daily.

I'm glad you found some things you can use. :)