How to Make a Folder File List from the Windows Right-Click Context Menu


Have you ever wanted to make a list of all the files in a folder? If you have, you discovered that this is a feature that is missing in Windows Explorer. Of course, you can use the command line to do this or download and install some extra software but there is an easier way.

Print Directory added to context menuThe simple way is to add the capacity to print a folder file list from the right-click context menu of a given folder. Microsoft describes the procedure at this link  and provides a "Fix-it" file that will add the desired command to all folder context menus. I have tried running the Fix-it file in Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 64-bit and it worked with no problems. A command “Print Directory Listing” is added to the right-click context menu of folders (directories). An example of a modified context menu is shown in the figure on the left.

Whatever printer is designated as the default for your system will be used. Note that this need not be a hardware printer. Printer drivers exist for creating files in certain formats such as Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS. Instead of a paper list you could create a list as a PDF file or other type of file format if you have a driver that you can designate as the default printer. Changing default printers is very easy so this method also provides a way to create files that list the contents of a folder.

There you have it- paper or file, a list of the contents of a folder in just two clicks.

This tip was inspired by a question from reader John Lane.

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Yes it is a reply to a 2015 post, I do realise!

Thanks to drbb01 for the headsup, the idea of "no text file option" had worried me so hadn't "wasted" all the paper etc but you have said no it don't do a text file in the clear.

So for the handful of people that may be looking for that feature and find this page...note

****** this was a VERY quick look and is not researched or the be all and end all in any way ****

I ****wanted an entry in the right click context menu**** mentioned in the program description so the PC process was dead easy, I use WIN 7 so only looked at that as reference point (not to say that win 10 or whatever won't fit may need to use an emulation tweak (older Windows) step?)

Found "DirLister" (NOT "DirList") no homepage that I could find, available from several points...appears simpler than the next option NOTE for personal reasons explained below went straight to the second program, this is NOT to say in any way that DirLister will not do the job and be best for you, just to say DirLister is completely untested by me. It MAY contain unwanted extras for example( eg Open Candy etc etc) I HAVE NO IDEA EITHER WAY

The other option

Way back (in PC years) in 1993 Karen Kenworthy began to compile a host of differing PC helper progs that, esp in those simple days, made up for the many missing functions in Windows, collectively called Karen's Power Tools. She also published a very "human" newsletter that was a pleasure to read (90000 subscribers at peak). Sadly Karen had medical issues and passed away in 2011.

I've always had a soft spot for her work (I still use her calculator today). Her tools were straightforward, didn't include crapware (as was usual in those simpler times) and they did the job.

So when I saw she'd done Directory Printer that was it

Side note - Karen's pages have recently been updated by a rellie who says will carry on her work and ethos. The link above is nested in a series of pages on her site that will lead to other progs of hers and to the story of Karen herself.

Damn!! Requires a reboot after install. That will have to wait.

I have read a number of posts on the web that describe this tip for printing directory lists. However, it is the only one (including the Microsoft Fixit link) that points out that the list will automatically be printed to the default printer. I learned this the hard way after I installed the Fixit with the intention of printing the list to a PDF file. I assumed—incorrectly—that I would be offered the option to select the printer. Instead, when I clicked on the "Print Directory Listing" command in the context menu of a particularly long folder directory, the listing went directly to my default printer, resulting in a waste of many sheets of paper and ink.

If only this simple information Vic included here had appeared in any of the other articles on the web I read earlier—or if I had checked TechSupportAlert earlier—I could have avoided an unnecessary waste of much paper and ink. Good job, Vic!