How To Make A Digital Image Larger


Reshade image enlargerA PC is great for editing digital photos and other images. You can change the colours, resize, crop, and so on. You can even reduce the resolution in order to make the photo smaller, such as to fit on a web page or in a document.

But what if you want to make the image larger? For example, so that you can print a full-page version of a photo. Although you might think it should be easy, it's not. Enlarging a digital image requires the computer to invent additional detail that isn't actually in the file. And although that's clearly impossible, it actually turns out that you can make a pretty good guess about what colour a pixel should be if you examine those pixels around it.

Which means that you can, after all, use a computer to enlarge a photo. And while it may not be quite as good as having captured the additional detail at the time, it's still impressive.

Reshade Image Enlarger Pro is, despite the name, a free download that does exactly that. It used to be a commercial product but is now free. And despite its age, it works just fine on Windows 10. Simply load the image of your choice, then play around with the controls and the image size to come up with the results you're after.

You'll find the download at and it's around 43 MB. It's malware-free according to VirusTotal, and a reputable site in the opinion of Web of Trust.

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Great find. No watermark, ads or other intrusive stuff.
Can never get my head around all the photo jargon, but even so, managed to beautifully enlarge a very precious photo.

Good find, though I usually use Google Reverse Image Search to find larger versions of the same image.

After reinstall no more problems. Thank you all for the comments.

I've been using it for a while - particularly useful as I've had to enlarge some images to comply with the minimum image resolution constraints imposed by the publishing software I'm using.

Had no trouble downloading this free version and studied the picture samples on the website. What a brilliant result. Haven't tried it yet in my own computer but if it works as good as your website samples I will be 100% happy. In the past I have tried to enlarge some of my photos especially taken off the phone and never had much luck with results. I am really looking forward to this product and thank you very much for the introduction.

It's not free. On saving the unregistered (unpaid) version makes watermarks.

Odd. The website mentions it's free on several places on their page.

Maybe something's wrong with my install, I don't know. Anyways, you can check for yourself.

From their FAQs, why some sites show it as commercial software.

"Some 3rd party software directories/download sites may not show correct or updated information about Reshade. As long as you download Reshade from our official web-page, the application is completely free."

Thank you Robert, this seems like a great find!