How to Get Rid of the Ads on the Firefox New Tab Page


In an effort to develop new sources of advertising revenue, Mozilla has started displaying ads on the page that is used for opening a new tab in the Firefox browser. This new practice was started in Firefox 33.1 and is described in the Firefox message shown below.

Configuring Firefox new tab pageAlthough the ads are displayed by default, it is very easy to turn them off. Here is the procedure to get rid of the ads:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the new tab page.
  2. A drop-down menu will open as shown in the graphic on the right.
  3. Choose either the “Classic” or “Blank” options. The “Classic” option returns the new tabs page to the appearance that it had in previous versions of Firefox. The “Blank” option is just that, blank.

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'Blank' is the only way I could stop the ads.
If I chose the 'Classic' setting, the ads were still there, but they were placed at the end. The ads started showing up as I was deleting my previously visited sites.

I never need to go to a new tab, at least not the way most of you do, so never see the ads.

With Tab Mix Plus extension for Firefox, you can specify that any new address you enter in the address bar opens to a new tab.

Many other nice features, such as specifying that any link you click on (from your Favorites bar, or from any web page or from a Google search page results etc.) opens in a new tab.

I just checked and I see no ads, just lots of previously visited common pages. I pin some as I use them daily others are just added.

Unlike some of us neither I nor Mozilla have a rich uncle paying us to stay away from the rest of the family! :0

Unobtrusive ads aren't that irritating. I had to open a new tab to find one -- and most of them were for Mozilla.

Since they are up front AND tell you how to turn the ads off I don't object to them. Now if they start with popups encouraging me to hit the monkey....

Thank you gizmodo for the info. But, for the peeps who are so terribly inconvenienced and put out by a few ads you barely notice, why don't you get a bunch of people together and spend thousands of hours working for free to create an alternative that works as well as Firefox and do it for free?

I'm leaving the ads in place too. Firefox is a fantastic and free product everyone should supportf - if they use it.

@ fudgeman,
Thank you gizmodo for the info.
This "info" was supplied by Vic Laurie, Editor/Volunteer in charge of Tech Tips here @
Ian "Gizmo" Richards' Tech Support Alert.
While it's good to see someone who believes so strongly in FireFox just leaving the ads and not clicking through and/or buying something from an ad is somewhat of an empty gesture. If every other user donated $2 (the minimum) 1 time, every other year, we could enjoy it without the ads.
What do you say? I'll show you my receipt, if that's what it takes.

michael clyde

I use ProtoPage as my home page, so it shows up when I click on a new tab -- no new ads there.

I use Waterfox a 64 bit variant of Firefox and get no adds so if your running a 64bit this is a nice alternative plus all the addons work flawlessly.

I might have chosen to keep the ads if I had been able to turn them off and on. Switching to Classic only worked on one PC. Multiple attempts to switch, restarting Firefox, the PC etc. had no effect. Now set to blank on the second PC. I'm annoyed so I probably won't be switching back to Enhanced.

I will continue to observe them from afar instead, watching their once ubiquitous usage continue to aggressively shrink every day since they chose a method to manage themselves not unlike some of the more oppressive regimes in World history, and finally, I will look forward to the day they either disappear completely from the World's consciousness and/or get gobbled-up via acquisition, either of which will suit me just fine...

I'm a "Me, too". I had to stop using Firefox at Firefox #29: and I KNOW they have shot themselves in the foot ... ADs Added are just further proof that they are struggling NOW. On their way to Full-On AdWare ... a little step at a time. I, too, eagerly await the day Firefox is no More!

I also sit down to be counted. If Mozilla Foundation has chosen its road to hell, who am I to judge?

I'm with vandamme; surely worth helping the Foundation with minimal inconvenience to oneself.

Many thanks to all the Editors and volunteers for the sterling work put into the wonderful entity that is Gizmo's.☺

You can always just use an extension such as 'New Tab Homepage' to set new tabs to open what you want them to open...such as your homepage.

If it helps Mozilla, I'll keep the ads. Might be something interesting, but most likely I won't notice them.