How to Get Help with Windows 8.1 Upgrade Problems


Have you tried to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and encountered problems? You are not alone. Since the recent release of the latest Windows version, numerous problems with upgrading Windows 8 systems to 8.1 have been reported. The upgrade is supposed to be free and be done through a download from the Windows store but in many cases the download from the Windows store either fails or is not available at all.

I have just spent a lot of frustrating time with the problem and I thought it worthwhile to pass along some information that might help those who run into difficulties with the upgrade. Here are some useful references.

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I have a lenovo laptop & I updated over the weekend with a Windows 8 update. It took a while to complete but when it did i was able to use my computer. Now 2 days later i go to use my laptop & there's nothing but blue screen. Nothing I press or try works. Im not a computer person, have no ideas!! Please help?!

This type of problem requires more detailed discussion than can be given in the comments here. Please post the details of your problem in our forum Our expert members will be glad to try to help you.

I upgraded to 8.1 and now get a prompt on the left side of the screen asking me to swipe from the edge to switch between apps. Problem is I don't have a touch screen an no mouse action seems to get rid of the prompt, which is covering up part of the running app. How do I get rid of the prompt!!!!

Try doing the equivalent mouse gesture to get rid of the prompt Dwace. Move your mouse pointer to the top-left corner, then move downloads to click one of the open apps.

Ahh... you're right Jojo. Once you perform the action you're prompted for it'll go away. I was trying to remember what I did until I read your reply. ;)

BTW, swiping in from the edge of a touchpad works too (if you have a laptop).

I encountered the widely reported block to upgrading my laptop, where the Windows Store simply wouldn't open to download the upgrade. But for some totally incomprehensible reason, when I created an additional new user account under another name and email, the Store opened up fine and I was able to complete the upgrade. If you are encountering problems, try this possible solution.

Instead of getting all Windows updates, I chose to install a Windows Update, KB 2871389, and Windows 8.1 became available from the Store. This worked for me on a tablet and a PC that I've tried.

I had no dramas upgrading on my desktop but my netbook, an older MSI, didn't have sufficient screen resolution to open the App Store. While I accept that Windows 8 wasn't recommended for the netbook, I do find it a ludicrous situation whereby your screen resolution prevents you from downloading a file - why can they not provide an alternative link to access via the browser? Why must it only be done through the app? In the end, I got around it by connecting my desktop monitor and, while the download was very slow (6 hours or so), it ran okay thereafter.

BTW, app/screen-resolution issue aside, I can highly recommend running Windows 8/8.1 (with Classic Shell) on a netbook - boot-up times are way faster than XP, although, who knows, maybe it'll fry my CPU one of these days :)

Upgrade via Store ok weeks back. Win 8.1 x64 Pro over 8 x64 Pro MC. Most stuff came across ok. Just major apps needed to be reinstalled to get fresh updates like Adblock Plus, Lastpass 3.0 and such. Seems related to IE 11 changes. Look for apps that say they were redone for 8.1 like drivers and executables.
Only a few sites gave me trouble, usually related to Flash Player and playing videos. One site say it is getting 'native player' soon and til then use Chrome or other browser which worked. But my stock broker site no go on Chrome now. So used older Flash Player file flash.ocx in the x64 folder for Flash. Then ok. Bleed edge stuff to be expected. Skype is much improved in Modern tile.
PC boots very fast and doesn't crash. Be sure to make many Macrium Reflect images along the way - esp if install Chrome w/ IE also. Chrome won't come back right if you delete it totally then try to regain just with Recovery. Need full image of entire drive.
Oh AdMuncher doesn't work w/ IE 11 but latest Adblock Plus is fine, even puts its red stop sign at bottom. Note the Ad does prevent Lastpass from autofilling some sites unless turn off Ad for that site. Mixed success trying IE offer to save passwords, ditto Chrome w/ Lastpass. All in all not bad.

No problem downloading 8.1 both on laptops and desktops.
Problem was after.
Internet explorer on MUI did not work but in the desktop it did. Live tiles would not update.
Was on the phone with MS 4 hours to resolve issues.
Lenov0 twist worked fine after updating from Lenovo. Desktop was drivers are too old and no upgradeable for 8.1 had to reinstall 8. Microsoft insists on 2013 update for your system. Also heard ISP firmware may need to updated

I am trying this now. My download from the store never finishes. I have tried most of the fixes to no avail. Downloading the ISO doesn't work as it will not accept my windows 8 OEM but legitimate license key, it just doesn't work.
We will see

I ,foolishly, started to download Windows 8.1 on 19th October. For two days it got no further than 50% and then repeated itself ad infinitum. During this period it occupied 30% of my download capacity and could not be turned off. According to the site it would continue to run even if the computer was turned off. Eventually I got into contact with a microsoft technician who downloaded it and installed it for me. That was only the beginning of my problems. Until the end of October I was in constant contact with 'so called' microsoft experts. The standard of technical assistance was disgraceful. I managed to find answers on You Tube to problems that the "experts" were completely incapable of solving. They have now sent me a DVD of Windows 8 Pro But I have had enough.
My computer was brand new in August.
I am still getting error reports but they mostly prove to be false. Microsoft made major errors both by developing Windows 8 and issuing and supporting it. I have considered never having Windows again and switching to some alternative system.
Windows 8 might be nice for children and people who only use cellphones but I cannot believe that businesses will be eager to switch to it.

It took ages for the update to Windows 8.1 to install on my laptop I left it running overnight and it didn't complete until about 11 am the next morning.

Since that time I'm being plagued where, without any warning, Narrator will start up and many alphabetic characters start behaving as though 'Alt' or 'Ctl' is pressed at the same time. For instance, typing an 'r' will start the Windows Run command, 'e' starts Explorer &c.

I have checked carefully and there is definitely no problem with either of these keys. I am still trying to find the cause of this problem, let alone a solution !

Thanks a lot Vic. I was looking for a way to download ISO of 8.1, which I got from here :). I will try it and let you know here.
I will be curious to hear about your experience.
Failed at the very first step. I ran the program, and for some reason it does not accept my Windows 8 key. I have OEM builder DVD of Windows 8, 32-bit. That should qualify, right?
OK, I got the answer to that from the last link itself. Towards the end of article, it says that this method will work only with Windows 8.1 product key, and not with Windows 8 product key. Well, that sucks. I got a link to a workaround for this though, which is here: I will try this method tomorrow, when the internet speed will be faster on weekend days. You can include this in the article if you want :D.
Gave up. The OEM builder key doesn't work.. only retail :(.