How to Generate a Tiled Print. Two Great Online Utilities.


Have you ever taken a great picture with your digital camera and wished that you could print it out as a large poster?  If so, then I have some good news for you.  You can, and you don't even need to install any software on your PC.  All you need is a standard desktop printer (laser or inkjet) and Web access.

There are two great sites that offer the ability to convert a standard image file into a version that will print as a multi-page poster.  One is  The other, at, is more colloquially known as "The Rasterbator".

Block Posters

Both sites work in a similar way.  Choose a picture from your collection, upload it to the site, choose a few settings, and then download the finished poster as a multi-page PDF file that's ready for you to print.  Both sites limit your image file to 1 MB, but this is actually not too much of a limitation in practice.

In each case, you can choose the size of your finished poster by specifying how many sheets of paper it will take up.  If you're feeling brave, and you have enough spare wall space (and ink!), you can go for a really huge version that takes up hundreds of pages.  Alternatively, if you prefer, you can opt for just 4 or 9 sheets.  The choice is yours.

Of the two sites, the Rasterbator offers the additional feature of allowing you to crop the uploaded picture before generating the tiled PDF file.  BlockPosters doesn't do this, so you'll have to crop the image before uploading it for processing. 


If you like the concept of producing tiled prints like this, check out both and to decide which one you prefer.  The results from each site are startlingly different, and it's all a matter of personal taste.  Images from the Rasterbator have a much greater "zoomed" look, and the end result is made up of large (typically an inch across) black dots, while prints from Block Posters have more of the conventional look of a large photo.  


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