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Wikipedia is a wonderful resource but it needs an internet connection to access. If you’re offline or in an area there’s no access, you can download all of Wikipedia to your device or storage.

There are a handful of ways to download Wikipedia for most platforms. This article covers how to get all of Wikipedia downloaded so it can be accessed offline.

Downloading all of Wikipedia involves large files, currently 16GB in compressed form. Uncompressed can be larger, 60GB - 75GB - something to keep in mind when deciding where to download the file. There are currently 6,062,772 articles in the English Wikipedia containing over 3.5 billion words plus images, that's a lot of data.

This useful article covers the methods and programs to download Wikipedia:
XOWA runs on Windows, Linux and OS X.

Wikitaxi runs on Windows, but doesn’t support images. A good option if space is limited.

Kiwix runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and has extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome

These don't download all of Wikipedia but are very useful:

The Wikipedia app is available for Android and iOS:
The apps don't download Wikipedia but  are a great way to save and sync articles.

Wikipedia on CD-ROM contains around 2,000 articles from the English Wikipedia. Topics covered include, among others, geography, arts, literature, science, history, and natural sciences. Users can browse articles using a built-in search engine or by surfing navigational pages.

The article covers in detail each program's features and functions. It’s not a particularly straightforward process. It's helpful to have a look to decide what works best for you.

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