How to Disable Your Android Screen Touch


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Recent versions of Android system allows you to pin an app to the screen with a feature called 'screen pinning', which is also known as 'window pinning' in some mobile devices.

Screen pinning is applied to restrict a user of your mobile device to an opened app only and prevent him from switching to another app without knowing the password.

If this is not good enough and you need more restrictions, like barring a user from touching the screen or temporarily disabling the screen touch on an opened app, you will then need to resort to a third party app, like Touch Lock.

This app is useful when you want your kids to focus on an app, such as watching a video, without moving away to an unintentional screen.

It is also useful when you want to keep an app, like a tracking, sports, music or game app, running without being stopped by an unwanted touch of the screen, especially when you're moving with the smartphone placed inside a pocket.

For such purposes, Touch Lock proves to be a great tool and adds to the features that have not been available in the system.

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