How To Diagnose Slow-Loading Web Pages


If you're a regular reader of Gizmo's, you're probably the resident internet expert among your friends, family or company.  And you probably get asked for your advice at times on why a particular web site is running so slowly.

Sounds familiar?  If so, some simple free online tools can help you find out the cause of the problems, and they're very easy to use.

The tools in question are at and  In both cases, type in the URL of the page that's giving problems, and then just wait a few seconds for the report to appear.  In the case of WebPageAnalyzer, the report isn't particularly pretty, and sometimes doesn't appear at all, but when the system's working properly it produces a stack of useful data as well as lots of useful recommendations.  Pingdom, on the other hand, is reliable, and its reports are very pretty, but there's not so many useful recommendations so you're on your own.

A web page is made up of numerous file-based elements, each of which has to be loaded from the server every time someone views the page.  This includes the text of the page, any graphics it contains, plus Javascript files, CSS style sheets, etc etc.  It's not unusual for a single web page to make 200 separate calls to the server.  By using tools such as these, you can find out where all the time is being spent, and help speed up the site.

Impress your friends, family and colleagues, and get to know these 2 sites.




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