How To Customize Toolbars and Buttons in Firefox


Customizing toolbars and buttons is easy in Firefox with this article.

One of the things I love about Firefox is its extensibility, not only with add-ons but toolbars and buttons.
Customizing toolbars and buttons is a quick and easy way to add functions and features without installing any add-ons.

This article from Mozilla covers just about everything you want to know about buttons and toolbars, with images and step-by-step directions.
The article first points out the parts of the toolbar and what they do, so the next time you come across the term Menu Bar or Tab Strip you'll know exactly what it means. :)
The article then covers these topics:

  • How do I show and hide the different toolbars?
  • How do I customize or rearrange toolbar items?
  • Icon appearance options
  • How can I add extra toolbars?
  • I'm having problems with toolbars disappearing or resetting

A Firefox customization article wouldn't be complete without me mentioning one of my favorite add-ons.
The add-on is called Toolbar Buttons, it adds extra buttons with various functions to the toolbar.
To access the customize toolbar function, right click in a blank area of the toolbar and click on "customize. You should see something like this:

Image of customize toolbar area of Firefox


Once the customize box appears, hover your mouse cursor over the button you want to use. When the cursor turns into a hand, you can drag and drop that button anywhere on your toolbars. To remove a button from the toolbar open the customize window again, hover your mouse over the button you want to delete, drag and drop it anywhere inside the customize box or it won't be deleted. To move a button to another spot on the toolbar, open the customize window, hover your mouse over the button, drag and drop it where you want it to go on the toolbar.
(I have no idea why the customize window needs to be opened just to move a button, but it does).
Here's a list of the buttons included in the Toolbar Buttons add-on. The name and function of each button is at this link:
Toolbar Button List and Description

Custom toolbars and toolbar buttons are an easy way to have your favorite features where you want them in one click .

How do I customize the toolbars? | How to | Firefox Help

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