How to Create Your Own Personalized Windows Installation Disk


Would you like to have a complete Windows installation disk with all the correct drivers for your system together with all the Windows updates and your favorite software applications and tweaks already on it? There are several free programs available for creating your own personalized Windows installation disk but Win Toolkit is one with many features.

The developer’s detailed description is at this link. A download link is given there but the link works only for those who have signed up. Membership is free but you can skip the sign-up and download at Major Geeks or at Softpedia. The download is 3.44 MB. One unfortunate complication is that the download is archived in 7z format. Windows does not recognize 7z files and you will need 7-Zip or other third-party archiver to unpack it. (Gizmo’s review of archivers is here.)

Win Toolkit is the successor to Windows 7 Toolkit and is actively updated. The latest version is dated February 13, 2015. It is a portable application requiring no installation. Note that some older versions came with an installer that contained bundleware so be sure to download the latest portable version. Unfortunately, the current version still contains links to ads but they can closed and ignored. The program is intended for Windows 7 and 8.x. It requires the .NET Framework.

Many of the features for the program are illustrated in the graphic of the interface that is shown below. Details of how to use the program can be found in the forum that is here. The forum includes a guide to using the program at this link

Win Toolkit interface

Downloading Win Toolkit has some annoying characteristics and some PC users will object to the ads but its collection of useful features make it a program that many experienced PC users will find worth considering.

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Thanks for posting about this. Please make the name of the program bold too, so it is easy to find out what's the article about.

Very interesting. Thank you for this Vic.