How To Create a Hotspot in Windows Using These 9 Free Tools


A Hotspot allows other devices to connect to the internet via a connection. Hotspots are often found in places like coffee shops, libraries and other public places. Here's how to create the same type of connection using your Windows computer. Turning your wired Windows desktop or laptop into a Hotspot lets your connection be shared with other devices - mobile and otherwise. In this article you'll find three native Windows tools and six programs you can use to create a HotSpot. The native Windows tools in this article are written for Windows 10. Check out this article for similar directions using earlier Windows versions. Some of the tools mentioned in the main article work with Windows 7 and 8 (or earlier). Check the tool you want to try for compatibility with your version of Windows.

9 Free Tools to Set Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows

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The one that I use is number 4 in the list: OsToto Hotspot. Baidu's Hotspot looks great. I'll try that one out. 

Baidu Hotspot did it quite well for me.

I'm really starting to like this one. Attractive UI and a handy Send files b/w phone & PC option. 

OSToto Hotspot looks good too as it allows auto startup when Windows start while Baidu Hotspot seems to be lacking in this feature. I tried to place the latter in the startup folder but it didn't work for me.

Thanks Jojo. :)