How to convert the old QSG to the new QSG

This is easy as it only involves two steps to convert the old to the new Quick Selection Guide:
Step 1: Fill up the details of each software product in a "Create Software" form
You can access the "Create Software" form directly by clicking here after signing in, or click "Create content" under "Category Editors and Moderators" in the right panel of this page, then select "Software".
When the form is available, fill up or select the values of the following items, then click the "Save" button. You will need to repeat this step for each software product in your review.
1. Software Title
2. License type
3. Software Cagegories
4. Platform
5. Tag line
6. Pros
7. Cons
8. Tags
9. Our rating
10. Top Pick
11. App Icon (80x80 pixels)
12. Article image (max 800px wide)
13. Article thumbnail (200px wide)
14. Product website title and URL
15. Review article Title and URL
16. Summary
17. Review of the product
18. Download links of each platform
19. Installer warning (change installer_advice to installer_warning if needed)
20. Reviewer and review date
21. Google+ Profile ID (change to yours if available)
22. Flags, tick 'Don't display in "New" listing'.
Step 2: Replace your article with the new Software Article Script
TSA is providing a script that can create the framework of your article automatically.
Go to this page, fill up your Article Title, then click the "Create" button to generate the Source Code.
The Source Code will contain three sections:
1. Introduction: Paste the source code of your Introduction section over.
2. Rated Products: It's one line of code to view the Quick Selection Guide of each software product. Do not overwrite it.
3. Related Products and Links: Paste the source code of your Related Products and Links over, if needed.
After completing this Source Code, paste it over to your article while editing in Source mode. Click the "Save" button and that's it.