How to Control What Appears on Your Facebook Timeline


Use these few simple steps to control what appears on your Facebook timeline from your desktop or your phone in this article.

Yes, *gasp*, a Facebook article. Now, I know many of our Gizmo's Freeware readers don't use (or like) Facebook. But for those who do, and for anyone you know that does use Facebook, these quick and easy steps are quite helpful in controlling what appears on the mystery known as the Facebook Timeline. :)

How to Control What Appears on Your Facebook Timeline


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Rhiannon...... Isn't there a song? Fleetwood Mac...??

And a wiki entry...... "Rhiannon is highly intelligent, politically strategic, and famed for her wealth and generosity"...... "She is a beautiful woman arrayed in gold silk brocade, riding a shining white horse."

Stand by for an "Aw, shucks!" ;-)

Hey I'll take all those! :)


What's not to like? Thank you, young Rhiannon.... and a wee squeak of 'Ta!' to Anupam, too.

Thank you, that's sweet of you. I'll add a 'Ta!' to Anupam too. :)

I am first time here. This is very good information by you…This is always Helpful for us…

Welcome, and I'm glad to hear from you. :)

I didn't think the bosses could find a more lowly job for Rhiannon than writing "wallpaper of the week" articles but *gasp* now that they have her writing about Facebook it appears I was wrong.
Lets all give her a big hug for doing the dirty jobs no one else is willing to do.

Awww yer funny. :)
I've been an editor here for 7 years.....Gizmo, wonderful soul that he is, gave me a little corner of the site where I could share stuff I find interesting, useful, fun, or whatever, because that's what I like to do. I love what I do here, and I love our readers.

So, if something pops up with my name on it, it's because I decided to write it. :)
I write for everyone who visits the site - we are so lucky to have readers with all different operating systems and devices, ways of working, interests, ideas, likes and dislikes.....from all over the globe.

That makes the things I write useful for someone, somewhere - and that my friend, is what I love about being part of Gizmo's Freeware. :)


Weren't aware you had been with the site that long. Maybe the website "about page" could include a photo and brief bio of the regular contributors here such as Rob, Vic and yourself. I really have nothing against wallpapers and would like to see an image (any image) on the websites Twitter page.

Yep, I've been around for a while. :) I was pretty quiet for a time because life got in the way of me putting in as much time here as I like to but that happens to everyone I think.

As for wallpapers, lots of people don't use them or aren't interested in them - it's not an issue as far as I'm concerned, and I  cetrtainly wasn't offended by your comment. :)

What's lowly about writing Wallpaper of the Week? Rhiannon finds the best of the sites on the internet and shares with the readers in her regular articles. Same with wallapers.. she finds wallpapers that users like. There's nothing lowly in it. This is a community based site, and every little contribution is much appreciated. Even if an editor contributes to spell checking, or manages a review, or is editor of even one review, or a helpful article, it is an important contribution to the site.

Users contribute to the site too. A single comment about a useful software is a contribution.

And about Facebook articles too, while there are many who visit the Gizmo's site, do not like Facebook, there are a lot many users out there who use Facebook... and I think such users will appreciate any articles on Facebook, which will provide them with helpful tips, or help them in protecting their privacy. And I will say so that such articles are even more needed to help and educate people in protecting their privacy on social media sites. I for one am fully in favor of such articles.

Long back, I had wanted to write an article about configuring Facebook's settings to protect the privacy.. but due to lack of time, I could not write such an article. But, if someone does, it will be really helpful for users who use Facebook.

Keep up the good work Rhiannon, and if you have any more such articles to share, please do so. It's really needed.

Oh, and one more thing, on this site, no one forces anyone to do stuff they don't like. All contribution here is voluntary.

Tanks for your words, Anupam.
And please don't take (old) guys like him or me too serious.
crosseyedlemon is only being himself; in my experience here he just has a way of sometimes expressing himself with some slightly judgmental values shining through; nothing serious.

Anupam is right......everyone here who does even a seemingly small thing like correct typos and formatting in articles (and many thanks go to the people who correct mine, you know who you are and have my boundless gratitude) make a large contribution to the site.

The volunteers who keep the site running, the code functioning, our site moderators...........we wouldn't be here if they weren't there working tirelessly in the background. All contributions are valued and valuable.
It isn't easy to keep a site this large up and running, producing updated and new content, and keeping categories updated with just a small group of volunteers.

The contributions of our readers, in the comments and in the forums, are priceless.........if I could reach all of you to let you know how much your input adds not just to our knowledge and site improvement but to everyone who reads your what you have to say I would give you a huge round of applause and hoorays along with my heartfelt thanks. In the end, it's you who make the site what it is.

Just an FYI. Not everyone who comes to this site is totally "computer literate". I happen to be in a tech job but I don't know everything so it is good to have articles such as this even if only for a refresher. I, as I am sure others do, have a Facebook account but I don't post anything usually. I use it to view my kid's posts and it let's me see how they are doing and I can see pics of the grandchildren. Thanks Rhiannon!


+1 on your kind of FB usage; I am with you all the way!

You're welcome! And that's exactly why I like to bring all sorts of content in, from stuff for newcomers to stuff that more experienced people can enjoy, along with anything else I find that I think might interest folks. :)