How to Check If Your Email Account Has Been Hacked


The news is full of reports of hackers breaking into online databases and stealing personal information from many thousands of accounts. Many of these compromised accounts have been published on the Internet by hacker groups like LulzSec and Anonymous. One way to check if your email account is among those published is described in the New York Times.  An Australian technology professional, Daniel Grzelak, has created a website where you can check whether your email account is in 13 publicly available stashes containing more than 800,000 stolen records. The site is called Should I Change My Password. It is a straightforward process to go there, enter your email address, and have it checked.   

Unfortunately, the fact that your email account is not on this particular list does not mean that it has never been hacked. There are probably millions of stolen accounts being kept under wraps by hackers. But at least you will know if the recent break-ins by  groups like LulzSec have compromised your account. 

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