How To Build The Best Gaming PC (Website of the Week)


"Logical Increments  has a list of PC builds, each with a descriptive name, ranging in price from less than USD$300 to over USD$2000. There is also a list of infoboxes, describing some aspects of each component that you should watch out for when making a purchasing decision."

The website has configuration information for a variety of budgets, from destitute to monstrous. :)
The info boxes are outstanding, country configurations are available for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the United States. Great descriptions for hardware - what it is and what it does. Recommendations are good general guidelines for building a non-gaming computer.
The site is a pleasure to navigate with high usability, is updated regularly, and the work in progress Peripherals page is shaping up nicely.

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a beautiful post for a newbie
thank you

You're quite welcome. :)

Are they all Intel based builds? Maybe its just me but I couldn't find any AMD builds.

I'm assuming you're referring to processors.........yes,, there are quite a few AMD processors. There aren't any AMD processors in the Excellent to Monstrous categories.... If you hover your mouse over the names in the CPU category you'll get a pop-out box that shows the manufacturer and an image. I personally like AMD processors, but I admit I haven't considered any Intel processors when I'm building a system. All the notebooks around here have Intel processors. If you're looking for high end AMD processors I like to get performance information (and purchasing) from a company in the US called newegg.