How to Bring Back the Games to Windows 7 Professional


Here’s a quick tip for those who might be new to Windows 7 and have the Professional version. Are you wondering where the usual Windows games went?

A first look at a new Windows 7 Professional computer seems to show that the games that we have all come to expect as a part of Windows are missing. Actually, they are just disabled and are easily restored. (Computers in an enterprise environment may have a policy that prevents this, however.) A previous tip showed how to open a dialog in Control Panel where you can turn various Windows features on or off. The figure below shows the Control Panel dialog and you can see a listing for “Games”. Put a check there and click “OK”. All the standard Windows games will be restored.

An entry for Games can be added to the Start menu by the method described in this previous tip.


Restore Windows games


If you don’t want all the games (maybe Purble Place isn’t your thing, for example) you can selectively disable the games. The next graphic shows the games section of the dialog box expanded. Uncheck the ones you don’t want and click "OK".


Selecting games


Now you can go back to wasting a little time occasionally. Of course, if you don't want any of the games to be available, you can disable them in other versions, not just Windows 7 Professional. 

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