How to Blur Your Home in Google Maps Street View


Blur Google Maps

Google can blur your home on Google Street View so it’s not recognizable. Here's how.

Google Street View shows the same thing someone would see walking by your house, but accessible to anyone using Google Maps. Here’s the directions to request that your home, face, vehicle, or license plate appear as a blur on Google Street View.

There are privacy and security reasons you may want to have your home or other personally identifying information blurred on Google Street View. If someone wants to view your home with ill intent, here are some of the things (via Lifewire) they can use Google Street View to discover:
• Locate entrances to buildings
• Determine locations of security cameras, gates, etc
• Find good hiding places
• Find holes or weak spots in perimeter fences
• Locate utility boxes (power, water, gas)
• See what make, model, and color of vehicle a building occupant or resident drives
• See if locks, guards, dogs, etc, are normally present
• Measure distances between objects (using Google Earth) to determine how quickly it would take to run or drive from one point to another.

Here are the steps to have Google remove your property or other personal identifying information data from Street view. Keep in mind that blurring something in Street View can’t be undone.

• Find the property, vehicle or face on Google Maps by searching for the location
• Open the Street View area you want to have blurred (home, vehicle, face or other identifying information)
• In the bottom right, click Report a problem
• Fill out and submit the form

Bing Maps has a way to blur an address as well. Type in the address. Click on the image that’s labeled Streetside in the upper left corner. Click on Report a privacy concern with this image in the lower left corner. Fill out and submit the form. Note: Bing Maps didn’t show the address I was looking for. It listed the number and street of the home to either side. The reporting form has the option to click the part of the image that concerns you, but whether it would blur the right home because they don’t list the address is unknown.

(via Forbes)

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Only works on latest image. Run the time slider back to unblur. Worked for me

Good catch, thanks for the tip.