How to Add the Hibernation Option to Windows 10


Windows 10 hibernate

If your Windows 10 PC doesn't have the hibernate option, here's how to enable (and disable) it.

Hibernation is a state between sleep and shutting down a PC. It takes a snapshot of your system before hibernating, and when you turn your computer back on, you pick up where you left off. Hibernation is usually an option in the Start/Shut down menu along with Sleep, Restart, Switch User and Sign Out. Hibernation may not appear on Windows 10 depending on the system configuration, here's how to enable it so it shows up in the Start/Shutdown menu. If you don't want hibernation to appear, these steps can be used to disable it.

Hibernation (if available) can be enabled through the Command Prompt or the Power options. It can be set as the default for what happens when you close the lid on a laptop or when you press the power button. I use it often on both desktop and laptop.

Hibernation will use around 75% of your computer's memory (RAM) and several GB of hard drive space using the hiberfil.sys file. If your PC has small allocations of memory or disk space you may want to disable it, though you won't be able to use Windows 10 fast startup feature if you do.

This article has step by step directions and screen shots on how to enable hibernation in Windows 10. If you like the Command Prompt, here's the directions for enabling/disabling hibernation:

Right-click on the Start button and choose Command Prompt (Admin) or use the Windows + X keyboard shortcut and select Command Prompt (Admin).
Click yes if the User Account Control window appears.

To enable hibernation:
Type (or copy and paste) "powercfg.exe /hibernate on" (minus quotes) in the Command Prompt window. Press Enter, then exit the Command Prompt window.

To disable hibernation:
Type (or copy and paste) "powercfg.exe /hibernate off" (minus quotes) in the Command Prompt window. Press Enter, then exit the Command Prompt window.

Directions and more information (including why hibernation may not be available as an option on your system) on how to enable hibernation on Windows 10, add hibernation option to Power menu on Windows 10, and how to configure hibernation settings on Windows 10 can be found here:

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