An excellent social networking app connects your friends to a video chat instantly.


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Instant group video chats, joining games during chats, useful social networking features.
Limited to 8 people in a room, getting notifications can be annoying but manageable.

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Houseparty is a social networking app that allows you to video chat with up to eight people in a virtual room. The number of rooms is not limited and floating between rooms is easy.

When running this app, you can add friends in Houseparty by tapping the plus icon in the top right corner, and group multiple people together for group calls. The smiley face in the top left lets you add friends too, besides managing a list of your friends in the app and setting notifications.

After adding friends, you will be notified when your friends open the app, and the same goes for your friends when you open the app. In this way, both can be connected for a video chat spontaneously.

The beauty of this app is that it makes connecting people effortless, and no one is needed to host a meeting before a conversation. Besides this basic function, the app offers some useful features that are worth a mention below.


Whenever your Houseparty friends are not around for a video chat, you can easily say hi or pass a note to them from this app, or record a brief video message, aka Facemail, and send it to your friends right away. You get a notification when they read it.

Sneaking into Houseparty

If you don’t like the app to notify your friends when you open the app, take the option to sneak into the app. To do so is easy, hold down the app icon and tap "Sneak into the House" from the context menu. You can then see who is online and your friends won’t get a notification.

You can also manage notifications by tapping the smiley on the top, switch off or on both sending and getting notifications, or set individual friend notifications.

Locking a Room

When you're chatting in a room, anyone can join your conversation if the room is not fully occupied. However, there's an option to lock the room if you don't like others to barge into your private conversations. To control it, use the lock button at the bottom of the screen.

Games and Quizzes

To allow you to play games with your friends during chat sessions, the app includes some simple games and quizzes, like Heads Up, Trivia, Quick Draw, Word Race, and Chips and Guac. Tap the dice icon on the top right, select a game and invite your friends to join the game.


This Cool App Lets You Video Chat with Friends Instantly

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