Home Planet


Home Planet

Excels at locating artificial satellites, comets and asteroids with 256,000 stars in its catalog.


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License: Free (Open source)
Categories: Education, Astronomy

Pros & Cons:

Excels at comets, asteroids, and artificial satellites.
No planetary moons.

Our Review:

Home Planet excels at locating artificial satellites, comets, and asteroids. There are 256,000 stars in its catalog. Planetary moons such as Titan aren't shown.

The display isn't as realistic as others. The default sky display is a sky map display, e.g. as a circle with straight up as the center and the horizon as the circumference. There are smaller displays centered on the horizon and a telescope zoom window. There are no images. Solar system objects are indicated by symbols.

Home Planet is portable and comes in two versions, lite and full. The full version of Home Planet includes everything in the lite edition, plus the larger databases, images and sound files, which increase the file size from 1.5 MB to 14 MB to download.

Home Planet was reviewed by on based on version 3.3a.