Hide Those Annoying Live Tiles From The Win10 Start Menu


Windows 10 tiles imageWindows 10 marks a welcome return for the Start menu. However, although much of the functionality and appearance of the traditional start menu is back, so are the annoying "live tiles" that made their debut in Windows 8. So your start menu is now much wider than it should be, and very distracting.

Thankfully, if you don't particularly want those live tiles on your start menu in Windows 10, there's a very simple way to get rid of them. Just right-click on each tile in turn, and there's an option to remove it. Once you've removed them all, drag the start menu from the right-hand side towards the left, to resize it and regain the space that the live tiles occupied.

That's all you need to do. Although your start menu won't now look identical to the one from Windows 7, it'll be a lot more similar. And no more live tiles.

If that still isn't good enough for you, you can use a little freebie called Classic Shell to completely get back that  Windows 7 look. We've mentioned it before in relation to Windows 8 but the latest version released on August 9 now works with Windows 10 as well.



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Good to know that ClassicShell is stepping up to the new version. MS, like government and as always, thinks it knows whats best for everyone, weather we like it or not. I'm still going to wait until a good bit of dust settles before I think about even bothering with Windows 10.

You had advised us to not upgrade to Win10 until at least several months have passed, but you continue to give hints and helps about various aspects of Win10. So are you guys generally advising that it is relatively safe to upgrade now, from win7 to win10?

And is it still no-cost, to do so?

Advice is what it is :). It's not compulsory. If you are a cautious type of person, then you can wait. But, many people have already updated to Windows 10, and that's why for them, tips and articles about Windows 10 have to published.

Many people have upgraded to Windows 10, including myself, and so far it has been good. So, yes, you can say it's safe to upgrade.

There are good discussions on Windows 10 in our forum, where you can read about issues and other things, and can even post your own queries, if you want. Good discussion is going on, so please have a look.

And yes, Windows 10 will be free to upgrade, for one year.

Okay - I just wanted clarification. I might upgrade now, myself.

I can confirm that Classic Shell now works with Win 10 :)

You may not know it but you can also drag the top border downward to reduce it's height. There is also a limit to how small you can make the Start Menu.

The tile look that was introduced in Windows 8 is certainly ugly and annoying. Who ever came up with that has less imagination than a caveman. When you turn on the computer early in the morning before that first cup of coffee the last thing you want to experience is a visual eyesore to start your day. I like that Windows 7 allows for a very clean desktop (icons can be hidden if that's your choice).

... or invest £0.00 in Classic Shell. This is Gizmo Freeware after all!


ClassicShell didn't work with Windows 10 which is why Robert didn't mention it. However the latest version 4.2.4 released on August 9 now does. I've updated Robert's article to reflect this new option. Thanks for raising the issue.

A really adore and respect you but here you should have written "ClassicShell didn't work with some earlier Windows 10 preview versions...".
I had it working perfectly with the last two preview versions.

It worked for me from the first i installed - can't recall which was the first build i installed, but it was in June.