A very good application for practicing and playing Chinese Chess


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Simple user interface, highlights available moves, undo/redo moves, built-in engine with 5 levels of strength, auto-save games.
No third party engine plug-in, cannot edit opening books, etc.

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HiddenLynx is a good alternative for practicing or playing Chinese Chess. The simple user interface highlights available moves when you place the mouse cursor over a piece—great for learning the game. And you can undo and redo your moves.

The program comes with a built-in engine with 5 levels of strength. It saves games automatically, so you can adjourn and return to the board whenever you want.

Unlike Qianhong, HiddenLynx does not let you install third-party engines or edit opening books. But the program is portable. After downloading, just unzip to any folder you choose, click the executable, and start a game.

On the downside, the developer does not host the download of this game application anymore but you can get it on a third party website from the link provided above.

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