Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe


Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe

Take full control of four WWII special operation soldiers and get the job done with strategy


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Customization, campaigns.
Weak online, controls.

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Online: Optional
Singleplayer: Primarily
Registration: None
Popularity: Not applicable


Love it or hate it Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe is one of those games. Unlike most first person shooters, this game is not action based. It relies primarily on strategy to get the job done.

You take full control of four WWII special operation soldiers, and when I say full control, I mean full control. You get to choose the soldiers from a list of 40 candidates, and load them whichever you choose. You are only limited by the amount you can carry. The player has direct control over one character, who may shout orders to the others, and can (and will need to) open the map where you can tell the others exactly what to do. Right down to crouch, prone, and hide. You perish after about three bullets, and as little as one if you are hit in the head, but so do your enemies. The controls are hard to get down, but you can change them to a much more preferable setup in the options. It has over thirty missions, and plenty of guns to keep you satisfied.

Along with lots of cut scenes and cinema, this game also offers satisfying game play. If you're looking for a first person shooter whose aim is not just to blow up as many people as possible, this may be the only free one for you.

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