Helicon Filter


Helicon Filter

A general purpose image correcting suite includes an excellent noise reduction filter.


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License: Free (Limited features)
Website: Helicon Filter
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Photo Noise Reduction Software

Pros & Cons:

This is not just a noise reduction software, it enables you to adjust and correct your image in many other ways.
For thirty days it is fully functional, but then some of the filters and actions will stop. This doesn't make it any the worst as it's excellent free software.

Our Review:

Helicon Filter is really a general purpose image correcting suite but it includes an excellent noise reduction filter. Other filters in the suite include:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Red Eye and Sharpening
  • Color Adjustment, Text Inscriptions and Frames
  • Crop & Resize and Distortions
  • Clone brush and Change Brightness brush
  • Change Color brush
  • Change Saturation brush
  • Blur/sharpen brush and Fix Red Eye brush
  • Erase Changes brush

The noise filter has an excellent visual interface as well as a useful help system to guide you through the noise reduction process. It offers some automatic noise profiling, with the ability to make your own. It supports RAW, TIFF, JPEG2000, JPG with support for external PS-plug-ins but the free version cannot itself be used as a PhotoShop plug-in. The free version also has fewer noise reduction options than the paid but excellent results are still possible.

And the other filters in the suite are just as good as the noise reduction filter. So good in fact, that you'll be tempted to use these even if you have Photoshop, Gimp or another image editor as Helicon is quicker to load and easier to use.

NB: This software is fully functional for 30 days, after that it will revert to free mode.

Helicon Filter was reviewed by on based on version 5.2.4.