An exceptional piece of software for storage device diagnostics


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Resident monitoring for temp only, alarm for temp, shows temperature for each drive, S.M.A.R.T. Offline Conveyance and other tests, surface scan, information about internal/external hard drives, settings to adjust AAM, APM and PM.
No installer, temperature monitor must be selected for each individual drive for constant monitoring each time program is started, no option to show temp icons only.

Our Review:

HDDScan is by far an exceptional piece of software. The interface takes a little getting used to. One feature that got me excited was the Graph when you're scanning the surface for bad (unreadable) blocks of data.

It lists the blocks by response time so you can see how many blocks are getting close to unreadable before the data in those blocks is lost. Even though it warns you about unchecking the box that disables the maps dynamic update. I unchecked it anyway and my system became unresponsive and even though it was still chugging along, I had to press the button.

It's also recommended not to have any other programs running at the same time you're scanning. There is also the Conveyance (travel damage) test. Excellent for when you receive a new or old internal/external hard drive in the mail or even from the store.

In addition to settings to adjust AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management), I also liked the PM (Power Management) and APM (Advanced Power Management) settings. I was able to adjust the PM on my external USB hard drive.

Overall this is definitely one for my goody bag.

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