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WinXP or greater; Mac OSX

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Best Free Hash Utility


Works in a tab of the Windows Explorer file property page. Computes hashes for fifteen algorithms including all of those described above. Allows direct comparison of any hash that can be pasted in thus obviating the need for error prone visual comparison. Provides a file comparison feature that permits direct hash comparisons with another file. This is useful except as noted below. HashTab is available for both Windows (except 9x, NT, and 2k) and Mac OSX.

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Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer


The file comparison feature could have been done better. It only compares the file against the first hash in the list, and there is no easy way to get it to use another. You have to remove all hashes that come before the one you want to use and then find the file to compare. If you change the selected algorithms after a file has been selected for comparison, the file name field is blanked out so that you have to get the file again. Does not work (tab is missing) when multiple files are selected.

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