Hardware Secrets: Uncomplicating the Complicated (Website of the Week)


Hardware Secrets "provides tutorials, news, and reviews about computer hardware in very easy to follow language. It's structured and written to entry level PC enthusiasts.
Its primary editorial goal is to address the lack of refined technical information on the Internet."

There is so much great information on this site that I don't know where to start telling you about it. The are hardware reviews, tutorials, news and articles covering all aspects of computer hardware.
Don't miss the dictionary, it's full of hardware terms and definitions, while the Links section some awesome hardware resources. Mac users aren't forgotten - the site focuses on PC hardware but there are little gems tucked here and there. If you need to generate floppy disks for old Macintosh computers you're in the right place.
The forums are active and a good place to ask questions. Veteran and advanced PC builders will get as much as entry level builders from the site. The Test Your Skills section can be a humbling experience for experienced builders - do you know the name of the screw that fastens your motherboard to the case? Not me. I had no idea all those screws I've been using all these years had names. I can grab the right ones out of my box full of screws, risers and other parts, but names? Nope.

The site is well worth a visit (and a bookmark) if you have even a passing interest in computer hardware.

Hardware Secrets

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I will take a look at that website - thanks for the lead.