A Handy Report For All Web Site Operators


If you have a web site, whether for yourself or your business, you need to know that it's always available and that it's running at full speed. Because if someone can't find your site, they'll simply go to someone else's.

Web Page Test windowWeb Page Test (www.webpagetest.org) is a neat web site which will test a web page of your choosing (yours, or someone else's if you want to compare performance). Simply head to the site, and type in the address of the page you want to test. You can also choose a location (there are loads to choose from, around the world) and a particular browser. The system will then test your chosen page, from the location you selected, using the browser you picked. You get a screen shot to show how the page looks, and lots of charts and diagrams to show how long each component took to load.

It's a very useful troubleshooting tool, and it's free to use. Just head to www.webpagetest.org and try it.

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Nice. Very nice.