A small and fast bittorrent client with low RAM usage


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Pros & Cons:

Small, efficient and fast bittorrent client. Lowest RAM use of the suggested clients.
Missing some features. Support is weak. Releases have been sporadic.

Our Review:

Halite has the smallest RAM use of the seven clients. It is a clean, small and fast bittorrent client, but lacks some features and has almost no support facilities.

If you just want to download torrents on a client with a simple interface, Halite is a nice choice.

Halite was not considered in the last review as it had not been updated within a year. The version tested here was released just prior to the testing for this review. So, there is some uncertainty for continued updates.

This is a good client for those who want a simple, no frills bittorrent client.

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Halite was reviewed by on based on version 0.3.4.